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HS Plunder

The Haydenshapes Plunder surfboard is a fuller-plane shape board designed to bring versatility and fun to small waves. Without forgetting about that superior performance spark, too. The unique surface area in the outline allows the board to trim with surprising speed in the weakest of conditions. While the soft diamond tail paired with the kick in the rail-line rocker toward the back third, gives the Plunder an ability to respond and turn when a good section lines up. The way the Haydenshapes Plunder surfboard is so easy to paddle and effortlessly generate speed allows you to ride this board with a relaxed sense of style to find that enigmatic “flow” in all types of small waves. The board has a flat rocker throughout to produce speed in all areas of the wave. While the rolled vee in the entry and double vee throughout the tail allows the board to ride smoothly through the entry in addition to fast and sensitive on the tail-end. 

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