Surfboard Fins


Futures Jordy Smith Honeycomb Thruster Fins

Jordy Smith Signature Pro Fins have a medium flex pattern combined with additional rake and a thinner tip provides hold when on rail, but release off of the top. This is an excellent fin for the up and coming surfer looking for more drive.


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Futures Rasta Honeycomb Quad Fins

Surfers the world over should know about Rasta and the unique lines he draws, his fins help him do it! For the many South African point breaks on offer both east and west coast, this is the silky smooth dreamiest fin ever!

The Rasta Quad, designed by freesurfing icon Dave Rastovich, is a medium size Speed Generating quad with a Ride Number of 8.5. The honeycomb construction combined with a V2 foil on the front fins creates a looser feel, allowing for high-speed surfing and quick direction changes. The bamboo in the base of the fin provides additional stability, for peak performance in high speed situations.

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