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Cressi Calibro dive masks provides a group of technical advantages that Cressi has been incorporating in the last seasons in different models. It combines a great technicality with a captivating design and medium dimensions, both of the frame and of the skirt. Its exclusive structure integrates the frame in the skirt instead of overlapping them. This exclusive construction system reduces to the absolutely minimum the thickness improving also the internal volume, the visibility and the adaptation of the mask. Furthermore, it improves the mask watertightness, cancels any uncomfortable contact possibility between frame and front, and removes any vision from the inside to the frame central area. Its skirt optimizes the empty gaps and reduces the internal volume. The lens / face distance has been reduced to the limit that the skirt doesn’t make the known suction effect, it simply settles on the face providing the perfect watertightness.

Product Features

  • Volume - 85 cm3.
  • Weight - 118 g.
  • The mask is designed so that the integrated face and frame allow for an extremely hydrodynamic and compact shape.
  • NEW PATENT PENDING. A patented membrane surrounding the inner nose pocket which acts as a barrier and traps any moisture escaping.
  • The buckles are, as always, directly integrated into the rigid skirt through a solid but flexible rubber attachment.
  • The extremely thin frame and the studied assembly with the delicate frontal bone area optimise the superior visibility.
  • The mask features inverted teardrop lenses slightly inclined made in tempered glass.

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