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Cressi was the first manufacturer to use the thermoplastic rubber-blade foot pocket and also the first one to thermofuse in a single element three different materials to improve the effort transmission. The need to dispose of a removable version to install blades made of carbon or other different materials, leads us to the new Gara Modular, which allows the Cressi experience with a several materials composition and many features.

New version with high-modulus propylene blade (2500 Mpa). It has lifelong warranty and highly elastic return. It incorporates two little antiskid spoilers on the final area. The decreasing thickness section (from 4mm to 2mm)causes the highly progressive tonnage eliminating the skid tendency, because the first half of the set is more rigid and the final half is more flexible.

The volume of the shoe has been resized after extensive anatomical studies, so that the volumes are proportional to the effect of enlargement.

Product Features

  • New two-component foot pocket, specially calibrated to enjoy the maximum performance of carbon and power transmission of the foot-pocket-blade.
  • The other foot pocket’s part (grey area) has a flexible composition shore 60º to obtain the maximum comfort.
  • The original blade is made of high-modulus propylene (2500 Mpa). It has lifelong warranty and highly elastic return.
  • The foot pocket is available separately with the different assembly elements.
  • The need of having a removable version to install blades of several materials or carbon ends in the new Gara Modular

  • Flexible shore 60º material is extended alternatively on the heel area to play the non-slip key role when we walk on
  • The thickness and hardness’ settings and recalibration on the blade have allowed achieving a flexion curve perfectly

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