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Price: R17,997

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The 2018 Starboard Nut Starlite Stand Up Paddle Board has the Refined outline with narrower tail area for improved acceleration and carving. Fast, stable and reactive. All in a short length. Wide nose and tail allows riding a shorter board. Inverted nut rail. For acceleration and tight turning.

Product Features

  • Wide tail area and straight outline produce hyper drive and acceleration.
  • Pulled in Nut outline curve produces faster tighter turning arcs when on rail.
  • The channel bottom creates acceleration.
  • A flatter rocker along the tail rail enhances speed.
  • Tail kick of pro rocker down the center for tight pocket turning.
  • FINS
  • Quad Setup
  • Bio Resin Light Core fins.
  • 4.7" Light Core and 4.5" Light Core Fins.

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